Activated Charcoal Face Soap

I want to give you a little history of my skin while we talk about this charcoal soap. I started going to the dermatologist probably as young as 7th grade (or for as long as I can remember). Acne has just been something that I have always struggled with. I was put on every prescription acne and skin medication you can probably think of, and then some! Eventually, nothing was making a change in my skin condition, so at the ripe age of 15, I was put on Accutane.

Now, for those of you who aren’t familiar with all of the acne medications out there, Accutane is like the highest, strongest, most expensive acne medication out there. It also has very extreme side effects where you have to go in to get blood drawn quite frequently throughout the duration of your treatment to make sure everything in your body is in normal, working condition. You aren’t supposed to be out in the sun while on this medication and you pretty much become best friends with Cetaphil and Vaseline because your skin and lips just start to shed like a snake coming out of its own skin. It literally purges your skin.

Now, I’m not saying Accutane is all bad; I know there are people out there who used it and loved what it did for their skin. For me, all I’m saying is I wish I would have done a little more research about it before I agreed to go on it. It worked for me, only for about one year after treatment finished; then my acne came back. And now, here I am a full decade later, still struggling with CCL (yes, I self-diagnosed a made-up condition: Chronic Chapped Lips 😉 … a side effect of the Accutane) and acne that continually comes back to the surface.

At this point in my life, I figured I wasn’t going to go back on medications, seeing that it truly didn’t do much for me. So, several years ago I got serious about healthy living not just with the foods I eat, but the products I use. Over these last few years, my acne has changed tremendously. Yes, I still have scars and occasional breakouts even on the natural products, but compared to what it used to be it is so much more improved!

Notes about the soap:

  • Best if used with a soap saver (as pictured) which can be purchased here. It is important to keep the bar of soap exposed to air between uses. 
  • If your face gets red from using this, that’s not always a bad sign! The activated charcoal works as a magnet to toxins, so it works to bring the toxins to the surface of your skin, which is sometimes why you get a red appearance right after washing.

Lastly, let’s talk ingredients!

  • Saponified Oils of: Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Castor Oil, Activated Charcoal. 
  • Nothing but real, incredible ingredients you can read and pronounce and that all have so many amazing, beneficial properties for optimal health of your skin (detoxifying, antibacterial, antimicrobial, disinfectant, anti-inflammatory, firming/toning effects of the skin, helps fight eczema, oil-reducing properties, softens skin, helps heal scars, and so much more). I wanted to talk about each ingredient individually and in more depth, but I feel that I’m running out of space to do so. So know that I only use the best ingredients and hand-selected oils that I feel are so healthy for your skin!