Lavender Rose Face Mask

Ever since I started my skincare business, I’ve always had a vision for a face mask. I trialed a few different kinds of masks, but was never crazy enough about them to share them with you. The masks that I was making were always wet upon application, but would dry on your face. I know that’s the point of some masks, but it wasn’t the vision I had for the mask I wanted to make and share with you.

I was focused on making a mask that was not drying, but rather nourishing and moisturizing. That’s when I discovered Rose Clay & Kaolin Clay! It’s such a soft, gentle clay that doesn’t dry up your skin like some other clays. Mixed with raw, local honey & other nourishing ingredients, this mask is wet upon application and it stays that way the entire time it’s on your face! Therefore, by the time you’re wiping this off your face, your face is ought to feel so soft and moisturized! It’s the absolute best.

I feel like it’s my new favorite morning routine while I drink my coffee, and I’ve definitely noticed changes in my complexion since using this frequently. I would say for best results, this mask should be used 2x/week. 

  • Rose Kaolin Clay: Rose kaolin clay was chosen to be a part of this face mask because it is known for its how mild it is and its gentle cleansing properties… meaning this clay is PERFECT for people who have sensitive skin. It exfoliates dead skin cells, lightens dark spots, and draws out impurities. Rose clay is different than many other clays because it doesn’t suck out all of the natural oils from your skin. Once you remove this mask, your skin will still feel nourished and moisturized, thanks to this gentle rose clay! 
  • White Kaolin Clay: White Kaolin Clay is very similar to Rose Clay in the sense that it is very gentle on the skin, making it a very suitable clay to put on sensitive skin! It helps draw out excess sebum (aka oil) but  it doesn’t totally suck your skin dry! It cleans up your face by gentle exfoliating and sloughing off dead skin cells, all while rejuvenating the skin underneath. As this mask sits on your face, the white kaolin clay acts as a magnet to your skins impurities and dead cells – it helps draw them out from your skin and wash them down the drain. The combination of these two clays are about as mild and gentle as clay comes! Over time with consistent use, these two clays help to shrink and tighten your pores, given your skin a more toned appearance!
  • Vegetable Glycerin: vegetable glycerin helps moisturize and soften your skin by drawing up the moisture from the deep layers of your skin and bringing it to the surface (thanks to the humectant in the glycerine). Glycerine does not clog pores. 
  • Raw + Local Honey: Honey, which is known as a humectant, helps your skin to absorb and retain its moisture.  Raw + local honey is great for preventing and treating acne due to its antibacterial properties! It’s also full of antioxidants and helps your skin increase its collagen production, which means your skin stays young and vibrant looking! 
  • Rosehip Seed Oil: rosehip seed oil helps balance and tone your skin. It’s rich in Vitamin A which helps keep your skin youthful and bright. Rich in fatty acids, this oil helps your skins cells retain moisture. This oil is perfect for people with dry skin! 
  • Lavender Essential Oil: the CALMING oil! This oil helps reduce redness and inflammation. It’s antibacterial properties help get deep within the pores and help fight acne from the inside out! 
  • Frankincense Essential Oil: frankincense helps heal and protect your skin cells. It’s a strong astringent, which means that it helps tighten and shrink your pores… hello youthful skin! Frankincense also helps stimulate and rejuvenate new cell growth. 

If you would like to purchase this mask, you can find it here