Skin Care Routine


So you’ve bought my products — now what?

I wanted to make detailed post about how I use my products. That way, you can reference this page whenever you have questions about how to best use my products!

First, I’m going to go over my daily routine… morning and night! Then I’ll address some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) about my products. 

First things first. When I roll out of bed in the morning, I usually go straight to the bathroom to wash my face. I love washing it first thing in the morning because it usually wakes me up and gets me feeling fresh for the day. 

Morning Routine:

  •  I start by washing my face with my Activated Charcoal Face Soap. I usually run some water, splash the water on my face, get the soap bar wet, and then rub the soap in the palm of my hands to create some suds! Then I massage it into my face and rinse off with cool water. You can purchase this soap here. If you have sensitive or dry skin, I would recommend starting by using this once a day, and then building up to twice a day once your skin adjusts!
  • I then pick a serum that I want to use that day. If I'm struggling with a breakout, I'll use Terrific Ten Serum or my spot treatment, Tanzi Treatment. If I'm not actively breaking out, I'll stick with Elevate Serum or Soothing Serum. I like to alternate between all four serums so that my skin can get the most benefit from all of the different oils. You can combine the serums and use them at the same time if you wish! If you're using the Tanzi Treatment with another serum, I usually recommend putting the Tanzi Treatment on your trouble spots and letting it soak in for a few minutes before applying another serum.

Bedtime Routine:
I pretty much follow my morning routine, with the exception of a few minor details.
  • 1) I use my Activated Charcoal Face Soap just like I do in the morning.
  • 2) I use one of my four serums depending on what my skin needs that day. A few extra drops at bedtime since 
  • 3) If my skin is feeling dry after applying my serum (especially in the cold, dry winter months) I will use my Lavender and Peppermint Beauty Cream right on top of my serum and rub it all in. A little bit of this also goes a long way, so be careful not to rub too much in otherwise it may tend to look oily (which, who really cares if you’re going to bed anyways!?). I usually give this product 5-10 minutes to soak in because my skin drinks this stuff up! During the warmer summer months when my skin isn’t so dry, sometimes I skip the beauty cream and just use the serum as a moisturizer. So if you feel like you don't need the extra dose of moisture, you could skip this step too! I really go based off of how I’m feeling that particular day, but I find in the warmer months I don’t need to beauty cream as much. If you’re interested in buying the beauty cream, click here.

    About 2x/week:

    I use my Lavender Rose Face Mask about 2x/week for about 15-20 minutes at a time. This mask is perfect for winding down at night, or starting your day off right! There are two sizes that this mask comes in, and you can find both sizes here.


      1) Is it normal for my face to be red after using the charcoal bar?

      Answer: Yes!! That’s the action of the charcoal bar – the activated charcoal in the cleansing bar draws blood flow/circulation to the face to help get rid of any toxins. The activated charcoal acts as a magnet to toxins, so when the blood flows to the surface of your skin, it helps draw out the toxins. It is normal for your face to be slightly reddened after using it, especially if you let the soap sit on your face for 30 seconds or so (which is what I usually do in the shower). If you have sensitive skin, I would advise that you rinse off the soap right away and do not let it sit on your skin too long.
      2) Why does my skin look oily after using these products?
      Answer: You may be using too of the product, OR… you might not be giving it enough time to soak into your skin! If it looks too oily, try cutting back on the amounts that you’re using. Or, give it 15-20 minutes to let your skin really absorb the products before you say it looks too oily! Sometimes I notice it’s oily at first, but then within 20 minutes or so it doesn’t look like that anymore. If you find that neither one of these tips work for ya, before you leave the house, you can take a dry washcloth and just lightly dab the areas on your face that appear oily and shazam – you’re no longer looking that way!
      3) How do I store my charcoal soap properly?

      Answer: Store it away from moisture, don’t leave it somewhere in the shower where water pools. I do keep one in the shower at all times, but I keep it open to air in a shower caddy that goes over my shower head. Another good idea if you keep your soap on the bathroom counter is to purchase one of our soap savers to allow the soap to breathe.
      4) What is the shelf life of these products?
      Answer: The shelf life of these products is between 6-12 months. If you would like to prolong the life of your natural products, keeping them in the refrigerator will help with that!

      I also recommend that you read our "Ditch + Switch" post which discusses some common effects of switching to all natural skin care products!