Terrific Ten Facial Serum

This facial serum is a game changer. Whether your goal is to fight acne, help prevent (or get rid of) wrinkles, or even just brighten up your face… this serum is for you! Really, this serum is for anyone. It’s named the terrific ten facial serum because it has ten wonderful ingredients that everyone in this world could benefit from. It’s like holy water for your face.

Let’s talk about some of the benefits of the oils and why the heck each one was worthy of being chosen to be placed in this serum. Disclaimer: there is no way I would be able to talk about all of the benefits (because there are literally so many). Let’s touch on the main points and if you want, you can do your own further research.

  • Jojoba Oil: jojoba oil is very similar to our naturally produced oil (sebum) and as we age, our sebaceous glands produce less sebum, which is why we get dry skin and hair – it can even lead to dandruff or itchy scalp. So jojoba oil acts as our body’s natural oils when our body’s natural oils are no longer produced. Essentially, it helps moisturize our skin. It also has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties – both great for controlling acne.
  • Sweet Almond Oil: this oil helps prevent fine lines from forming or advancing. It also helps protect our skin from UV light due to the Vitamin E content in this oil. It is created with fatty acids which help form a barrier for your skin which helps moisturize dry, cracked skin. Vitamin A is an antioxidant in this oil, which absolutely helps fight acne! This oil also helps lighten the bags under our eyes (which, I think we can all benefit from at certain points in our lives!). This oil is non-comedogenic (meaning that it won’t clog your pores; in fact, it does the opposite… it helps clean out dirt and oil in and around the skin).
  • Apricot Oil: this carrier oil should be nicknamed the youthful oil. It creates a golden touch on the skin that everyone is looking for. It is easily absorbed and resembles the body’s naturally-produced oil – Sebum. Apricot oil’s fatty acids act as emollients to nourish dry skin and its vitamins rejuvenate skin’s softness and elasticity. It also has antioxidant Vitamin C, along with Vitamin E to mask aging marks by reducing fine lines and wrinkles. 
  • Sunflower Seed Oil: this oil is so rich in Vitamin E (an antioxidant) that is great helping the skin stay nice and strong; combating any bacteria (acne), wrinkles, and keeps your skin looking youthful. This oil also carries emollient properties, which means it’s basically the bomb at moisturizing your skin!
  • Vitamin E Oil: well, Vitamin E is an antioxidant found in many of these oils listed above, and it’s so beneficial for healing of the skin, and so I figured why not keep straight up Vitamin E oil in this serum. This oil tends to be a little thicker than the rest, so before using this serum, shake up the bottle a little bit (because this oil likes to rise to the top of the bottle). Vitamin E oil also helps heal scars on the face, fight bacteria and acne, and moisturizes and softens the skin. It helps reverse signs of aging to give brighter and younger-looking skin. 
  • Carrot Seed Oil: this oil helps retain your youth. Antioxidants in the oil repair the damages done to your tissue by free radicals (the bad toxins) and stop them from doing further harm. The antioxidants also protect your skin from wrinkles.
  • Lavender Essential Oil: this essential oil is antibacterial, moisturizing, and soothing for the skin. It also makes this oil smell quite lovely. It works wonders for healing acne. It also works great for healing eczema. It also helps prevent wrinkles.
  • Frankincense Essential Oil: if you know anything about essential oils, you probably know that this oil is like the god of the oils… in fact, this is one of the few oils that was rubbed on baby Jesus when he was born to prevent infection! So if Jesus needed it, then you probably need it, too. It was used in biblical times to help heal cuts and wounds. So, that speaks volume in and of itself. This oil is perfect for healing scars, fighting acne, and promoting overall health of the face.
  • Tea Tree Essential Oil: Well known for its antibacterial, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, this oil does a great job fight and preventing acne. 
  • Lemongrass Essential Oil: this oil has astringent properties (meaning that it helps tighten your skin and make it look more youthful and bright!). It has naturally occurring antiseptic properties, so basically it cleans your face in and of itself! It works hard to strengthen your skins cells. It also helps make this serum smell just wonderful.

That’s the terrific ten! I have shared this serum with many people and I have witnessed them have brighter skin, smaller wrinkle lines, less acne, healed eczema, and many other benefits! I’m so excited to share this serum with you! Let me know if you have any questions regarding this serum. I love what it does for my face, and I’m sure you’d feel the same way. Don’t forget to snag yourself a bottle right here