No matter how you've found us, we're so glad you're here! :) 

Tanzi Natural Beauty, LLC all started a few years back when Brianna started a vegan food blog called Taplin To Your Health. She fell in love with clean eating and loved to share the recipes she was making with others. When she dove deeper, she also found a large passion for creating and sharing safe and non-toxic skin care products after a long battle with acne. 

At a young age of 15, she was put on Accutane after many years of trialing (and failing) many different prescription acne medications. Fast forward a few years, the acne came back — despite using Accutane. When the dermatologist had recommended another round of Accutane by the age of 18, she knew something had to change. She started looking at how she could transform her skin without harming her body.

Just like that, Activated Charcoal Face Soap was born. This is what started her journey. She started using it 2x/day and seeing big results. It's amazing what a little natural TLC for the skin can do! The charcoal soap only inspired her to make more skincare products, replacing all of the store-bought products she used on a daily basis. 

Within that year, she replaced every product on her bathroom shelf with a handmade, clean, safe, non-toxic product. Seeing such great results, she started sharing with her friends and family, and then started opening it up to the public with her online shop.

In 2020 they went away with the name Taplin To Your Health, and decided to change directions. Tanzi Natural Beauty, LLC was born. It gave Brianna and Jaden more guidance and inspiration on their products. Tanzi Natural Beauty is inspired by the wonderfully healing essential oil - Blue Tansy. Blue Tansy is an essential oil known for its nourishing, calming, and healing properties in natural skin care products; which is exactly what they are hoping to create in the products here at Tanzi. Check out our Tanzi Treatment Serum that has Blue Tansy in it!

A few fun facts about Brianna & Jaden:

  • They fell in love at the age of 15, and married at age 20!
  • Cooking is their creative outlet. Besides making products, cooking fun and unique meals is their favorite thing to do on the weekends.
  • Up North is their favorite place on earth.
  • They welcomed their first born son, Brooks Elliot into the world in January of 2023.
  • They've got a sweet rescue pup named Maya.
  • Craft beers = yum!
  • They are both working their full-time jobs while working Tanzi on the side! Brianna is a full-time OB Registered Nurse, and Jaden works at a car dealership.
  • Besides being up north, their favorite vacation spot (so far) has been Seattle, WA. 

Have any questions?! Want to chat? Send us a message, we'd be happy to talk!